Characteristic of the service

do!book is a multi-device document solution which improves your sales team skill and increases worksite productivity.

  • Fast view

    Can view documents fast even 1000 pages.

  • Hi security

    It supports, tele-communication, device authentication, user authentication, and download file encryption.

  • Search

    It can search documents on and offline.

  • Large volume of contents

    Can operate even 1 million contents through tree structure.

  • Supports all modern devices

    Tablet, smartphone application,
    PC - all devices / same interface.

  • Supports offline use

    Can use offline with device application.

  • option

    Pinpoint search

    Can search strings in the pages.
    Highlights found strings (online only)

  • option

    Whiteboard SNS

    Internal SNS supports paperless meeting,
    meeting with documents, images, video clips.
    New meeting tool concept

  • option

    Scenario feature

    Pick up materials you want and create a customized presentation quickly in front of your customers.

Case study


Toyota Motors showroom

  • Employed as a presentation tool for all Toyota showrooms in Japan (with 50,000 Windows tablets).
  • Catalogues, video clips, photos, pricelist, manuals are all shared as eBook. It is the world's fastest book viewer.
  • Sales reps can take catalogue, video, photo to create one’s own presentation.
  • Optimized for Microsoft Azure to minimize operation cost.

Case study - Microsoft Japan

  • Microsoft Japan's catalogues is now available on fast viewer.
  • Supports all devices - applications and on browsers.
  • Can edit catalogues.
  • Optimized for Microsoft Azure to minimize operation cost.
Used by more than 700 companies.
  • Nikon Corporation
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • IHI Plant Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Asahi Kasei Corporation
  • Large construction companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • and more!

Strong supporter for sales resps

Unique functions will strongly support sales reps.

  • Tablet solurtion has advanced this far.
  • Scenario for sales
  • Scenario for sales

Agents wanted

1. Product overview

  • 1) It is the tool which can view Microsoft Office document, PDF, photo, etc, very fast on all devices.
  • 2) Wherever, whenever, you can edit - i.e. add photos - and use immediately.
  • 3) Can upload files on PC directory to Azure based system with one push of a button.

2. Partners wanted

  • 1) Azure resellers
    Sell do!book Ⅱ with Azure as a set.
    It can handle large volume of contents and number of users are unlimited. It can be a large implementation of Azure with high sales expectation.
  • 2) System integrators
    It can be integrated with other systems as document viewer and edit function.
  • 3) Hardware resellers
    This is a killer application to sell number of Windows tablets.